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A kitty party is a get-together of women with common interests coming together to organize a monthly gathering to do something to have fun, enjoyment, and relaxation.

Mostly these gatherings take place for the purpose of socializing and having fun. ‘Kitty’ refers to the total sum of money collected from the contribution of each member at the party. This money is given to one person from the group each month. Each member is given a turn to host the party and make arrangements for food, entertainment, and take care of the logistics.

Kitty parties can be entertaining and exciting when interesting games are part of it. However, members of the kitty often feel the task of organizing an entertaining kitty party is quite challenging. Also, as this is a monthly affair and the members expect fun, one should know how to maximize fun with the given budget. In order to organize it efficiently, the following aspects need to be planned meticulously and executed efficiently.